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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is very important for the health of your home and family. It extends the life of your carpets by a considerable margin. Choose us to look after your carpets and have complete peace of mind.

Spot, Stain and Odour Removal

A full survey of any carpet or stain is integral to the removal of any soiling and thorough inspection of spots, stains and odours to determine the best way of treating them.

Professional Upholstery and Fine Fabrics Cleaning

Proper upholstery cleaning is important because many upholstery fabrics are made up of more than one fibre type.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

our cleaning system is the best with its 30 minute dry time with compromise to the end result! giving you the BEST CLEAN GURANTEE

professional carpet cleaning company with our own brand of stain removal


We are a member of the DCA (Domestic Cleaning Alliance),  NCCA (National Carpet Cleaner Association) and Checkatrade that guarantees you that we are fully insured and are going to take great care in providing you a Professional carpet cleaning service your home.


Fully insured professional carpet cleaners with risk treatment and liability insurance up to £2,000,000

Deodoriser and  sanitiser  as standard on each and every clean

What you are quoted will be the price at the end of the job, no hidden fees or extras

We are a proud family run carpet cleaning  business with a passion for what we do and guarantee you the best service in your home or work place

Discounted protector  with every clean, we do what we can to help you keep your carpets and upholstery cleaner for longer without the worry of bleaching or re-soiling.


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Carpet maintenance

The first thing to do with your carpets is to vacuum them! but like many other things that get daily use it needs to be looked after and maintained.

Benefits of having carpet

There are so many benefits to having carpet. Its warmer on your feet, filters the air, comes in many colours and patterns.


Allergies are widespread in the uk and every adult will suffer from atleast one of them. Every year it increases, and half will be children.

Fleas and dust mites

Dust mites are attracted to moist and warm environments. and feed on dead skin and pet dander. FLEAS are a big issue in the homes and could be prevented!


National Carpet Cleaners Association

Being part of the only Association for the carpet cleaning industry ensures you that we have received formal training, got all relevant insurance policies.

Domestic Cleaning Alliance

Domestic Cleaning Alliance is there to provide support for the cleaner and their clients. helping consumers find a trustworthy cleaner and one that is registered to work in your home.

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