Simple steps to DIY carpet cleaning

Vacuuming your carpets is necessary to keep your carpets clean and looking fantastic. But this needs to be done daily to maintain your carpet and keep it in the best possible condition. There is various equipment available on the market to help you keep your carpets 'clean'. However, these are rarely up to the job of deep cleaning your carpet, as well as a professional carpet cleaner would. We have the right equipment, experience, and know how to get your carpets looking their best. There are a few hints and tips we can give you to help maintain your carpets, keep them cleaner, and help cut down on those stains and chemical reactions that some off-the-shelf products will have if used incorrectly. Some carpet types, including wool, woven and patterned carpet, will need specialist care, avoid using oxidising agents bleach based carpet cleaner. Only use the bottle we provide you with. It is a natural solvent, is ECO friendly, and safe to use around your family and pets. Mop up drinks spills straight away! Blot, do not rub. Rubbing will ruin the fibres and make them "fuzzy". After blotting as much spillage as possible, use a clean damp cloth (wringed out with warm water) to further blot the spill until all residue is removed. Most stains can be prevented! Do not follow carpet cleaning tips from anyone who isn't a carpet cleaner! Some stains can be caused by improper cleaning using 'age-old cleaning tricks', and these can be near impossible to treat. If possible, rearrange your furniture so that the foot fall isn't constantly falling in the same area. On some carpets, this can distort the fibres and cause "pooling" where the carpet pile is laying against itself. If in doubt or unsure what type of carpet you have, call Renshaw Services, professional carpet cleaners, Taunton.