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Your Professional Carpet Cleaning company in Taunton. That makes your carpets look cleaner and feel healthier. For your family, by our family!


I offer a high standard of professional carpet cleaning services . Based in Taunton, Somerset. All of our work is done with a passion for fine fabrics, textiles and treatments necessary, to remove contaminants and other soiling. You will be shocked at the results. You can achieve on your carpets.



How will the professional carpet cleaner, clean my carpet?


There are many methods available to get your carpets cleaned. They all work and many companies adopt a particular method and use that, as their main method.

We use the BEST and most ADVANCED cleaning method today called the TEXATHERM process. with this your carpets could be dry in just 30 minutes!

Performing a professional carpet clean takes time, knowledge and patience, to ensure you the best clean possible.

Carpet cleaning is assessed and treated differently to Upholstery cleaning, but the principles are the same. Removing dry soil, pet hair, heavy dust, killing dust mite, SAFELY removing stains tailored to your environment and carpet construction. Using Expert knowledge and professional equipment to get the carpet clean but also using my passion for carpet cleaning and customer services to deliver it.


What can I expect from a professional cleaner?

  • After professional cleaner has finished your carpets will be dry in a matter of hours, with no over wetting.
  • Moisture control to avoid over any wetting. Every professional cleaner will know the damage and problems associated with over wetting.
  • No harsh chemicals used. All family friendly!
  • Passionate knowledge from a friendly technician with a smile.
  • Complete care for your investments.

When do I need my carpets cleaned?

Are your carpets are looking dull and grubby. In the main traffic areas?

Have you noticed more stains recently…

When did you last have them cleaned professionally?

Or have you been looking at borrowing your in laws Vax?!?

Now is the perfect time to get in touch. To receive complete excellence, in cleaning!



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