Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning. Taunton and surrounding areas.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning, let us take care of your carpets, helping you improve that first impression!


Your staff and clients won’t be bringing their slippers, and I’m sure most if not all will not wipe their feet either. But that’s not a problem when you’re having a commercial carpet clean.


We are a Taunton based Carpet Cleaning Company, offering a hassle free office carpet cleaning solution be it regular or routine. Using our Professional Carpet Cleaning Service will help you protect your investment and maintain the high level of customer service.

and offering 30 MINUTES DRY TIME!

using a process developed in Weston Super-mere TEXATHERM Process, you can still use the areas while I’m cleaning. No one can offer that kind of service.

Using a DIY method of Carpet Cleaning could potentially leave you with over wet, dirtier carpets and will re-soil in a matter of weeks because of the machine leaving residue behind and the wrong detergents and dilution rates.



Commercial Carpet Cleaning is all about MAKING A GOOD IMPRESSION


Whether you are a Shop, Office, or Restaurant, School or any other work environment.

First impressions are everything when it comes to business and making your first impression a cared for, welcoming one for both your clients and staff.

We are here to give your soft furnishings the best care and giving you a fresh, clean premise.




We will take care of any spills or lunch time food stains, or even any after work party accidents.

We will clean up the everyday traffic lane dirt and grime which will impact on your appreance and condition of your carpets.

Any furniture you have for your staff or clients to sit on  will have any greasy finger marks removed making free from dust, dirt and grime, leaving you with fresh smelling beautifully cleaned soft furnishings .


Working around you.


We will work with you to make sure your booking is hassle free and efficient so you can do what you do best and keep your business growing and working hard to.

With this aim we will work closely with you and make sure the quote and work process is done at a time most convenient for you after your business hours so it doesn’t affect your daily routine


Our Promise to you, business to Business.

We have a process, much like any other business so we can guarantee you the best possible service to you. You give your customers a great service, so we will provide you with the same quality service.
Using our professional carpet cleaning service on a regular basis will;



  • Improve air quality by filtering all the pollutants in the air, cutting down on illness in the work place.
  • Boost work force moral resulting in increase of productivity.
  • Improve the overall appearance.
  • Help you pass health and safety audits.


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