Infection Control and Virus Sanitation Cleaning

Deep Cleaning for Infection Contol and Viruses.

Viruses are 100x smaller than bacteria and will speed extremely quickly and are very efficient at doing so, Virus microbes will travel a large distance when someone who is carrying the virus coughs or sneezes, contact points such as door handrails, light switches, handrails, chairs, pens…the list is endless!

infectious virus outbreaks can happen anywhere, such as School, Hospitals, Doctors surgeries anywhere that is open to the public that has a high volume of people per day.

many Viruses can stay dormant for hours, days, sometimes years until a nutrient-rich environment is present such as the human body.



Decontamination Cleaning Service that has you covered!

Providing Infection control service is vital to any business or home that values keeping everyone inside safe from harmful and deadly viral pathogens which can lay dormant for long periods of time meaning cross-contamination is possible if not dealt with by professional infection control.


How do you kill a virus?

strictly speaking, you can’t kill a virus because it is not alive. Viruses can be destroyed by using a specific solution, applying it and leaving it to dwell for a specified time, however, this process is highly risky if done without professional knowledge of the decontamination cleaning process to greatly lower the risk of infection it is essential to utilise an infection cleaning service.

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