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Recently we posted about going to a TACCA day (the Approved Carpet Cleaners Association) being the first time going and compared to most going relatively new to the industry , so it was exciting to be able to meet these people and share tips and talk to like minded people.
when me and my wife arrived we had never seen so many carpet cleaning vans! the hotel must have been so nervous about the way their carpets and upholstery looked! because, let’s face it, we were all looking at them! we can’t help it, it’s our hobby and income.

The morning of the day itself started with a cooked breakfast, i wasn’t going anywhere without getting my monies worth of food! when we got to the venue the first thing i noticed was there where so many suppliers demonstrating their products, there is so much passionate about the products they sell as we are about using them in our service to our customers, which means there is passion in the industry from the manufacturing of the products to the use of them and getting the results the end user, the customer, is paying for and rightly deserves.
firstly we had a walk around to see what was on offer to use to have a look at and sample new products which i know work but wasn’t sure if they are any better than what i’m using at the moment, it a good opportunity to try new things without buying a whole lot and being disappointed.

after this we went to the first seminar which was james sinclair  from Entrepreneur’s network. his talk was very entertaining and inspiring. he wasn’t talking about how to get more work or earn more, he was just trying to inspire us all and make us think about what we want from our business. do we want it to grow and become massive or just plod along earning a comfortable living never making anymore from it and risk not being able to earn if anything was to happen. lets face it, if we don’t work, we don’t earn, we rely on being able to work and use our hands.

That got me thinking… far do i want to go with this, i know what i want to do, but how do i get there without employing people. if achive my goal of doing rug  re-colouring and restoration and carpet dyeing and repair, how will i do it without employing people, i’ll still need to earn a living while im working towards these goals, i have a family to provide for, and doing something new will basically mean starting again. so i’ll still need to be cleaning carpets to keep the money coming in.

i like to think i’m pretty good at stain removal, i know what do with the natural fibres and synthetics. but some food dyes like Iron bru, fake tan are nearly impossible to get out on wool. but some of the more advanced cleaning products that require further training to be able to use are getting these stains out by using oxidation and colour reducing causing the light to be reflected differently, the same theory to why the sky is blue. but if use without an understanding could cause irreversible damage to the carpet. these methods can’t be employed by just anyone.

i saw one stall that was run by an American called Chris who cleaned and restored up to 100 antique rugs a day! spent a while talking to him and asking him some questions that only he could answer me. its a very specialist subject not many people around that can do the job.

one seminar that i really wanted attend was the facebook marketing for cleaning businesses. it was the most insightful advertising presentation i have seen since i started and i’ve looked high and low for talks or books to give me anything to help me target my potential audience.

i came back feeling very positive and Full of even more passion for my business


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