Leather Care and Repair

repairing an old 60s leather arm chair

Leather Sofa Repair, Cleaning Taunton. Restoring, Repairing and looking after your luxury fabrics.


Offering a Professional Leather Sofa repair in Taunton, Exeter and all areas in Somerset.

Leather is a natural material and should be treated as such.
The cleaning process will re-condition the lather and leave it feeling refreshed and sofa

Leather is not cleaned in the same way as a fabric material like cotton, wool, polyester or nylon and other fabrics you will find in the home.
The Professional Upholstery and Fine Fabrics Cleaning process is a completely different process.

Leather car seat, leather sofas, leather handbags and other luxury leather fashion items can be given a new life with our leather restoration service.


Can you repair small areas, or will i need the whole leather sofa restoration done?

pen mark, paint spills, small scratches, tears or burns on leather can be repaired and colour matched on site, at your home in most case, however,
this being said professional assessment is required to be able to determine what is possible and what the best approach will be.


Will the leather  repair expert complete the job in my home?

Single panel repairs can be completed in the home.

Such as,

  • Cat Scratches
  • Cigarette Burns
  • Smalls Tears
  • Stain Removal
  • Leather Cleaning

is my leather sofa so worn it can’t be restored?

Damaged leather will look very unsightly but in most cases it can be treated to look almost new again!

Large tears are the hardest of repairs to guarantee complete successfully repair due to the strength of the repair and stretching of the leather , which is why a full assessment is done on the sofa to determine the best approach because of various types of leather.


Why is leather different to normal fabrics?

Leather is something i call a “live material” it will respond to its maintenance and environment.
leather will dry and crack when all its natural oil are dried out or pulled out through improper cleaning, staining will become permanent and potentially need a recolour. BUT this is why leather upholstery  is different to other fabrics! it is more hard wearing, lasts years longer! easier to restore and will have far more character than alternative fabrics.

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