new products and my thoughts.

so, after the TACCA day and finding out it has been bought out by a supplier, which is a big thing for its member. i’m not a member or looking to be so it doesn’t affect me because i’m in the NCCA……………………but ill talk about this another time, because i know you’ll shouting at the screen ” tell me more, warren!!! ”


the new products are great!! the ones i got to try are all for really soiled synthetic carpet, which is good because it’s difficult to tell how good a product is with relatively clean odourless carpets. it’s god to test things in extreme case, that way you get to see how good it is and how it reacts with different situations, much like anything really, you never know how waterproof a tent is unless it absolutely hammers it down.

the one product i have been so impressed with has go to be enz-all. its an enzyme based powdered cleaner, it basically eats away at really heavy greasy carpet…. it has been brilliant, i have tested it on a badly soiled carpet which was not cleaned at all in its life…. must have been at least 10 years. the owner run the fast food place below and due to its location it wasn’t the easiest carpets to clean. i did what i needed to do as normal the sprayed it down, gave it….maybe 5 -7 mins then extracted, it still lifted it, with my other brand of spray i’d have to left it for at least 15 -20 mins, even then i would have had to go over it again.


the upholstery spray i got, different brand was also good. i used it on a sofa that was used for a dog bed….or smelt and looked like it! and that was amazing! being a sofa i couldn’t use too much water because of the nature of cleaning sofas.

The main thing i have leant from this is that even though what i was using i considered to be very good and got the job done.

but these new chems has made me rethink what i use and really made jobs faster i actually think i’m getting more guaranteed results.

Try new ways of doing things, be open minded, listen to peoples opinions on what you are doing and you’ll do better at what you do.

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