New van! New focus, new story in the making. Upholstery……how difficult can I be……!?

When I first decided to specialise in Carpet and Upholstery cleaning i didn’t realise the options to me, the fabrics I would come across, the many challenges involved with fabrics their construction plus types of staining there is. Many things need to be considered when it comes to upholstery. More so the expensive bespoke upholstery.

When buying your sofas. You look at how comfy is it… can I put my cuppa on the arm without it falling off…. is the back rest supportive enough. ..

The last thing you might think of is how will it be cleaned, how often should I have it cleaned or even who will clean it, let alone will it last me years.

As I’ve grown in my own skills and passion I’ve grown to have a huge respect for the finer fabrics! They really grab me and get my cleaning cogs ticking. So I’ve got the fine fabrics training done I’m now looking to get my hands on a real challenge, something I can spend time on and get the results that the client will love and I can be proud of. Getting results and client satisfaction is something I aim for on every job.

Many cleaners don’t understand how heat and pH can affect the dyes and appearance and upholstery cleaning is so over looked it is missed.

Bring on the silk sofas, I’m ready for them 😁

Repairing them…. that’s something for another day. Professional carpet cleaning Taunton

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