This Year so far

This year has been a very exciting one for Renshaw Services.  In January we relaunched our brand and decided to specialise our service and focus on carpet cleaning.  Regular customers may have noticed the addition of professional training, new equipment, a new vehicle, a new logo, new business cards and now a new website.

We are a family run business and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of them all.

My mother and father in law have been particularly supportive, they have invested into Renshaw services allowing the expansion and rebranding.  They offer advice and guidance as well the supporting with babysitting duties allowing me to come and clean your carpets and attend courses and seminars.  Thank you Phil and Jane.

Some customers will have met my mini apprentice, my four year old son Finnley, who on occasion has come with me to a job. He is helpful on a very basic level, mainly in turning the machine on and off, and holding the hose.

My Wife Krissy, she offers me support and advice.  She has used her creative skills and created the new Renshaw Services Logo and the new business cards. I do drive her a little crazy always talking about the PH levels, or different chemicals, new products and the process of carpet cleaning.  She often looks at me blankly but she is the one who pushes me to do more.  Thank you sweetheart.

My brother in Law.  What a talented family I have!  My brother in law Pip, has created this website.  He has spent a lot of his own time working on the website.  Helping with the rebranding building on the style that Krissy has created in the logo and the business cards. A lot of  thought and consideration has gone into creating the site and no short cuts have been made.  Thank you Pip.

So whats next for Renshaw Services?

We have lots of exciting plans ahead, so follow our new website, like our facebook page and give us a call to book in your carpet clean.

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