Pet Vacuums…..are they worth the EXTRA £££



We all love animals! its in our nature, the relation between humans and dog is potentially over ten thousand of years old. Dogs have evolved from grey wolves living in the same environment meaning their brains and digestive organs have evolved at the same rate…….anyway!


Having pets is very rewarding, they become part of the family and in some cases get treated just the same. They sit on your sofa, sleep on the bed, eat your left over Sunday dinner (yum!!)

But all of this comes with its clean up operations! they drop food, knock drinks over etc which needs wet cleaning which my spotter can help with!

OILS FROM PET HAIR! dogs have an associated oil gland with makes their fur more water proof for fetching fish from water.. so their hair is more oily than our own, so on our upholstery and carpet they can leave it oily over time, which will attract dust, dead skin cells etc,  making it harder to vacuum up because it becomes “sticky” and this will build up and potentially causing that “doggy smell”

REGULAR VACUUMING can help cut down any build up of pet hair that that will cause rapid soiling, but are the “PET VACUUMS” worth the extra cost?

and is there an actual difference?

Many manufactures label their  vacuum cleaners as PET VACUUMS when in actual fact it will have no better performance than a standard vacuum that has the same features without the clever marketing.

READ the features and compare for yourself!

Here is some information to hopefully save you MONEY and CONFUSION!!

  1.  HEPA filters are for allergy sufferers. (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) this will remove pollen, pet dander, dust mites and tobacco smoke
  2. Twin motor or belt driven brush roll. This will beat and lift up the pile loosening dry soil (tuft carpets) while removing pet hair and dander. the brush will allow for better vacuuming and dust removal!
  3. Bagged vacuum cleaner. The bag will act as filter and you can more than likely buy a HEPA filter bag!
  4. Maintenance is crucial! every day checks like bag check (how full is it) brush roll check, performance checks can cut back on loss of suction, odours and even save the life of your vac! if it gets blocked for long periods the motor can heat up and cut out. save yourself a bill and clean it at least once a month!
  5. VACUUM PATTERN. NOT so much vacuum cleaner related, rather a helpful tip when it comes to actually vacuuming your carpet.  when vacuuming your lounge or any room, imagine  your painting it….go in straight lines, over lapping in a systematical fashion. this will ensure a more effective routine removing pet hair, dry soils and pollutants.

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