Carpet Cleaning Exeter

Carpet Cleaning Exeter

A high standard of professional carpet cleaning using advanced carpet cleaning methods which guarantee fast dry times and the purest stain removal process.


How will the Professional Cleaner achieve excellent results

When it comes to achieving guaranteed results i have more than one method readily available to me with the use of the most advanced portable machine on the market.

Combining the benefits of low moisture, hot water extraction and encapsulation cleaning, the results will give the best professional carpet clean possible.
Although equipment doesn’t guarantee a perfect clean, using equipment that is specialist is vital, it help manage the water flow, PSI, airflow/air circulation, plant based bio-chem induced evaporation (use of alcohol and exothermic reaction) All of this along side the expert knowledge required will not only give the best carpet clean.

The assessment is done in a similar way to upholstery cleaning although its a completely different clean the principles are the same.

  • The carpet condition is checked
  •  fabric weave,
  • Soiling levels
  • Soiling type
  • Room humidity
  • Determining the most suitable clean



What makes a Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

A professional Carpet Cleaner will have the passion for his industry, they will have knowledge of the different methods available to Professional Carpet Cleaning.

know the advantages of professional equipment and how using moisture control with appropriate  chemicals will result in cleaner carpets, healthy air and dry carpet in the matter of hours, not days.

Many company adopt the Hot water Extraction as their main method of cleaning, however, even though this is the most popular it is greatly misunderstood.
The process i follow combines hot water extraction and low moisture whist using a completely different cleaning chemistry.

Many of my Exeter Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Plans are benefiting from a 12 month stain free guarantee which is supported with a life time free supply of professional stain remover.


How often do i need my Carpets Cleaned?

Cleaner Carpets are vital to maintaining a healthier home.
your carpets act as a filter for pollen, dust and other airborne pollutants. As they built up, collecting pollutants as they pass through the air and fall into the carpets pile

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