Carpet Repair and Colour Correction

Most, if not all, carpet damage can be repaired. Bleaching and carpet burns can happen easily. Dropping the iron, a candle falling over, parties and friends or yourself dropping a cigarette (careless, but it happens), non of these have to be permanent.

Damaged carpet fibres can be repaired easily with our Carpet Repair Services.

The cost of repairing a carpet is always more economical. When it's repaired, you have saved the cost of a new carpet, the cost of fitting, the hassle of disposing of the worn carpet and moving all the furniture out of the whole room for fitting.

Will I spot the carpet repair?

A repair is to improve an area of carpet damage, so there may be a slight difference compared to the rest of the carpet. Many factors will need to be considered when new fibres are replacing older and worn fibres, colour damage from UV sun bleaching on the carpet surrounding the repaired area.

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