Leather Care and Repair

Leather Cleaning and Repair

Leather sofa cleaning can be straight forward if you are following a set process. Here are some tips on maintaining your beloved leather. Home Soft Furniture Care When it comes to leather cleaning and restoration, the process is a specialist area, although many get the types mixed and misled when buying into a service or product.

Does my leather sofa need cleaning or restoring?

If your leather sofa is simply looking a bit dull and losing a little colour. No damage, like peeling or tears, then a clean and colour revive would be enough and bring it back to looking its best! IF the leather sofa appears thicker in dark areas, heavy cracks, heavy colour loss, peeling and other damages, this can still be restored! Could even get a colour change if you wanted!

Can I do it myself or do I need a leather expert?

Maintenance cleans between professional cleaning you can, but major cleans or restoring should not and could cause a costly repair.

Will you do any leather repair and restoration in my home?

Some leather repairs can be done in the home, but some major restoration projects will need to be taken away. Minor damage like cat scratches, colour loss, small areas of head grease. All these can be done in your home.

How long would the leather restoring process take?

The leather restoration process can take either a morning or three days potentially longer, depending on the process, client requirements and concerns. With leather restoration, patience is regarded as a skill. You need to give products time to cure. You can’t put a price on an excellent leather product, so time is given to ensure the best possible finish.

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