Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaners that make your carpets fresh, fluffy and dry in 30 minutes! Removing Stains, Spots and Odours from your carpets using family and pet-friendly products. Carpet cleaning with attention to detail with your needs in mind.

When do I need a Carpet Cleaning Company?

When the carpet is looking dull and is starting to look dirty. If you have pets and children If it has been over 12 months since having a carpet protector applied

What clients need to do before arrival

Having booked us in for your professional clean, it is always best to make sure the room is as clear as possible. This simply means moving what is physically possible. Coffee tables, paper racks, lamps, etc. Sofas and dining tables can be worked with, or we can move them if needed.

What the professional carpet cleaner does first.

Firstly, the cleaner will look at the soiling level, type of soiling, and then assess for the best cleaning method. They will then make sure the method is suitable for the environment and adapt where needed to suit your needs.

What to expect from a carpet cleaner

No harmful chemicals will ever be used, no odour masking, because this can delay the removal of odours, meaning it can give a false reading when it comes to successful odour removal. There will be no use of oxidizers or enzymes that can damage the carpet. Extensive knowledge on the subject in hand. Plus a workmanship guarantee!

Carpet dry in as fast as 30 minutes.

Utilising airflow and methodology, we can achieve a dry time of 30 minutes or sometimes more rapid drying times.

Low moisture cleaning method of cleaning will dry in 30 minutes.

This method does not rely on any external factors to dry. This method is best suited to environments that need a quick turnaround, or carpets which are not heavily soiled and in good condition.

Standard Extraction Cleaning.

This method is the most effective at removing soiling on carpets, which have a permeable backing, allowing airflow and water to pass through. However, this does not come without its disadvantages. Possible extended dry times, and if not done correctly, it can leave you with overwetting, causing potential damage which can irritate and respiratory concerns.

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