Professional Upholstery and Drape Cleaning

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Upholstery Cleaning delivered at the highest standard. Utilising a cleaning and restoration method to ensure a cleaner and safer process for your expensive upholstery. CLEANER, SOFTER, DRYER.

Sofa cleaning is an entirely different process than any other cleaning. The fabrics are far more delicate and different in construction than a carpet, so the method in cleaning needs to be adjusted to tailor the fabric. Whether it's Silk, Viscose, Linen or a velvet weave, the attention to detail and getting them looking their best is what we are passionate about and look forward to daily. . When assessing your upholstery, we are looking for…

Soil type - body oil, food spills, pet dander. Damage to fabric - tears, frays, weave degradation Fabric construction - material type and styled weave Appropriate products and process No matter what the task, whether it is leather cleaning and restoration, you can rely on our family.

Professional Sofa Cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning is a specialist area and requires a different set up, different chemistry and a unique approach. Overwetting is a possibility if improper equipment and process is used.

Standard household sofas from popular retailers are some of the easiest fabrics to clean, although they do hold oil from pets, skin and food.

Cotton and Linen Upholstery.

These fabrics are also common, but require more attention, as they came with their own sets of problems. Potential damage caused by over wetting and chemical bonding.

Horse hair and feather stuff cushioning.

These types of material harbour more dust than a modern sponge alternative. This could be down to their age, either way this can affect the end result. These type of stuffings require an expert understanding before wet cleaning can be done.

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