Stain and Odour Treatment

Professional Stain Removal.

Guaranteeing the BEST results in the quickest time, leaving you concerned and worry-free! Completely family and pet friendly, effective yet safe products.

Accidents are part of everyone's daily life, so removing stains is part of my everyday job. Wine, Coffee, Tea, all stains require professional attention, especially when you have spent potentially £1000s…

How to clean a Stain or Spill

Firstly, mop up the spill, press a dry towel directly on the spill, soak up as much as possible, keep doing this until there is no more coming out. Then, use a clean, damp towel (wring it out over the sink) again, gently pressing this on a couple of times. If there is any staining left behind, call us to book in the removal, this way 100% SUCCESSFUL removal is possible.

DIY cleaning is not recommended without having a solid understanding of your carpet or the solutions you are using. HOWEVER, after a successful removal, I can provide you with a spotter that will work for you.