Shall i buy a Vax Carpet cleaner……?

Rug Doctor and Vax Carpet Cleaning!

I have used them, if you haven’t used one you probably know someone who has!

they are cheap, easy to use and extremely easy to get hold of! what isn’t there to like!

you’ll find them for sale on Ebay or social media, for probably around £30 upwards

It Will Work And Clean My Carpets!

When considering to clean your carpets or upholstery with a DIY machine its not guaranteed to get results, let alone it dry out within a reasonable amount of time!

cleaning a carpet or sofa is more about understanding soiling and the construction of the item than it is about using the equipment.

Any machine will inject and extract. but not all machines are built to the same standard, capacity, air flow, water flow, PSI and quality. in fact from personal experience non of the domestic machine work well. uneven water spray and very little suction and airflow.  The pump sprays the water either to broad and far or narrow than the vacuums can pick up or leaving pass lines giving you an uneven clean.


Carpets Looking Dirtier Than Before

After and cleaning the drying process is vital and from start to finish a professional has this in his mind during the whole cleaning routine from vacuuming the finial pass of the wand or pad.
however, a DIY clean will not have the same considerations, while cleaning they are looking at what is in front them, dirty carpet! not what has been done prior or what is actually going on with soiling, its colour, where it is on the fibers, has it moved from being wet, what it there before the clean, is there an odour etc, etc, the list is endless.

After the clean is done, the drying process is well underway, the air is collecting the evaporated moisture, the capillary wick back phase has started. and the dirt that has been saturated with the water will start to appear around the fibers and come to the surface of the carpet, this is typical of over wetting and lack of experience from the operative. most or if not all can be easily avoided.



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